"He’s got 6 reasons why you should be running!"

Shooters charge into raids brandishing their trusty revolvers with the intense gaze of a true madman! Unpredictable and quick to anger, these guys are the cornerstones of many a crew!

Shooter l1 Shooter l2 Shooter l3
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

Troop Summary

  • The Shooter is the second troop available in the Juice Bar .
  • The Shooter has no preferred target type and he will head straight for the nearest building ready to fill it full of holes.
  • Like the Hoodlum , the Shooter only requires 1 housing space, however their superior fire power makes them even more deadly!
  • Shooters can be upgraded 4 times, every upgrade will increase the Shooter's damage per second and hit points.

Tips and Tricks

  • Shooters are very effective when deployed in large numbers, hitting any buildings or defenses with a wave of accurate and deadly gunfire!.
  • Whilst large groups of Shooters can be deadly, it is important to spread out your horde of attacking troops. Single groups of Shooters can easily be destroyed with one mortar round or RPG!
  • Shooters are fast but can easily be destroyed by C4 and Land Mines. Sending a single troop into an enemies 'hood first is a great way to make sure that the roads are clear of any traps!
  • Large groups of Shooters can easily outgun most defenses but be careful as groups of shooters can be wiped out quickly if hit directly by a mortar shell.
  • Shooters work well when combined with the Dozer . Carve a path to the Boss Mansion and then send in the Shooters to finish the job.
Preferred Target Housing Space Speed Movement Speed
Closest Building 1 Fast 2.3s
Level Damage Per Second Recruit Cost Juice Hit Points Training Ground Level Required Training Time
1 11 90 25 N/A N/A
2 14 100 27 Level 1 12 hours
3 20 130 31 Level 3 2 days
4 24 160 36 Level 5 3 days
5 29 220 40 Level 6 5 days
6 34 275 45 Level 7 1 week