RC Bomber

"Tic-Tic-Tic-Tic Boom!"

The RC Bomber has two passions, collectables (not toys!) and explosives! His RC car is fast, furious and packed with dynamite! 

Troop Summary

  • The RC Bomber is the sixth troop to be unlocked in the Juice Bar.
  • The RC Bomber will target those pesky barricades.
  • The RC Bomber only requires 2 housing space.
  • The RC Bomber can be upgraded 4 times, every upgrade increases the damage per second and hitpoints of the RC Bomber.

Tips and Tricks

  • When you just don't feel like forcing your way through the barricades, just blow your way through with the RC Bomber!
  • RC Bombers are very vulnerable to enemy defences.
  • The RC Bomber is fast but it has very low health. Rifle posts and Sniper Towers can easily take it down in one or two hits. Deploying meat shields like Hoodlums or Thugs in the front of the RC Bomber will help soak up the volleys of bullets! This will give the RC Bomber enough time to blow the barricades to smithereens!
Preferred Target Housing Space Speed Movement Speed
Closest Barricade 2 Fast 3.5s
The RC Bomber receives a x2 damage multiplier against barricades!
Level Damage Per Second Recruit Cost Juice Hit Points Training Ground Level Required Training Time
1 18 750 51 N/A N/A
2 36 1300 54 Level 2 1 day
3 64 2000 59 Level 4 2 days
4 110 2800 65 Level 5 3 days
5 156 3300 72 Level 6 1 week