"Burn baby burn!"

Firestarters hate authority and love to bring ‘hoods crashing down with liberal applications of burning liquid. They make a beeline straight for the opposing Mansion and won’t stop until it’s a burning ruin!

Firestarter l1 Firestarter l2 Firestarter l3
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

Troop Summary

  • The Firestarter is the eighth troop available in the Juice Bar.
  • Firestarters will always head straight for the Boss Mansion and they will do whatever it takes to turn it into a burning ruin!
  • Firestarters take up 4 housing space and cost a lot of Juice, but their ability to attack the Boss Mansion from range makes them extremely valuable!
  • Firestarters can be upgraded 4 times, every upgrade will increase the Firestarters damage per second and hit points.

Tips and Tricks

  • Firestarters can throw their flaming cocktails across one building. This allows them to attack a Boss Mansion from a distance!
  • Clear a path to the Boss Mansion using your Dozer and send in some Firestarters to finish the job!
  • Firestarters can easily throw their cocktails onto the roof of any Boss Mansion that is left unprotected near a perimeter road!
Preferred Target Housing Space Speed Movement Speed
Boss Mansion 4 Fast 2.5s
Level Damage Per Second Recruit Cost Juice Hit Points Training Ground Level Required Training Time
1 57 1700 70 N/A N/A
2 74 2300 85 Level 3 1 day
3 101 2900 102 Level 4 2 days
4 138 3400 123 Level 6 5 days
5 185 4000 150 Level 7 1 week