"Death from above!"

The Drone loves all things mechanical and used to be a top engineer until an unfortunate accident took his eye! Now he is using his skills to rain hand grenades down upon the heads of those that get in his way!

Troop Summary

  • The Drone is the seventh troop available in the Juice Bar.
  • Drones will drop highly explosive rounds onto the nearest defensive building!
  • Each Drone takes up 3 housing space. Drones are expensive to recruit but they are definitely worth the extra Juice!
  • Drones can be upgraded 4 times, every upgrade will increase the Drones damage per second and hit points.

Tips and Tricks

  • Large swarms of Drones can be extremely effective and they will easily turn any defensive building into a flaming pile of rubble!
  • The Drone can easily be taken out by Anti-Air Towers. Make sure that these towers are destroyed before sending in the air support!
  • Drones will be attacked by Anti-Air Towers, RPG Posts and Sniper Towers. So make sure you place your Drones strategically when attacking!
Preferred Target Housing Space Speed Movement Speed
Closest Defense 3 Very Slow 1.5s
Level Damage Per Second Recruit Cost Juice Hit Points Training Ground Level Required Training Time
1 36 3200 160 N/A N/A
2 45 4000 180 Level 2 1 day
3 60 4700 200 Level 4 2 days
4 75 5400 220 Level 5 5 days
5 90 6100 240 Level 6 1 week